One of a Different Color

One leaf, many raindrops

Photo Friday: One

2 responses to “One of a Different Color

  1. The leaves remind me that my daughter and I collected some from beneath a tree, ranging in color from green to deep red to brown, and did a sort of Andy Goldsworthy construction with them in chromatic order on the trunk of the tree. We used thorns to attach the leaves. Goldsworthy himself did a permanent construction nearby.

    • I was not familiar with Goldsworthy, so I googled him after reading your comment. Spent the major part of the last hour looking at images of his work. I really like it, but wonder how he found so many vibrant colors in one place! Just another indication that so much is around us that we really don’t ever take notice of. I think I’ll be more observant when I go to rake leaves this afternoon. I’d rather gather materials and make a Goldsworthy-like installation though!