23 examples of one skill I possess

I have a skill in my skill set that I’m not very proud of.  It is something that I know that I’ve been able to do — and do well — since I was in junior high.   My ability probably manifested itself before that time.  In fact, I recall when I was in my 20’s, my mother found my kindergarten report card.  The signs were there then:  doesn’t always play well with others (I’m better now, thank you) and has difficulty staying on task.

That’s right:  I excel at Procrastination.   Take today as an example.   I said that I was going to work on my novel today.   I didn’t set any goals for word count, but I was hoping to write until about 2pm.  It is now 1:47 EST.  So far, I have:

* Experimented with some new hair product that my stylist gave me last Friday.

* Checked on due dates for library books.

* Read email.   Several times.

* Looked up doctors in my son’s college town for him.  Gave him remedies for his cold.  Verified his insurance.

* Exchanged some email jokes with a friend.

* Read through several posts on Open Salon.   Made several of the authors a ‘favorite’.  Checked my current stats on the essay I posted last week.  (Bragging:  was made an “editor’s pick” and on the weekend cover page.  It is a revised version of this post.)

* Made breakfast.

* Made lunch.

*Made soup for dinner. Looked up recipes to make soup taste better. Improved soup.

* Tried on my new outfit (for a function next weekend) to determine what shoes would go best with it.   Finding a blouse is probably more important, but I was focused on the shoes.

* Called my sister and figured out a time when she can help me hem said outfit.   Debriefed a family event yesterday.   Restrained myself from being catty.   Really, I did!

* Thought of four new essay ideas.

* Played a game on the computer.

* Played Facebook.  Not really much different from a game, except for formatting.  And no points.

* Observed the woodpeckers and robins in the yard.

* Answered a few phone calls.

* Ignored a few phone calls.

* Investigated a limited offer coupon deal.   Spoke with stone mason about said deal.

* Gathered up recycling.

* Investigated getting a flu shot today.

* Checked blog stats.  Tried to figure out some of the referer links.  (Always a mystery to me).

* Deleted spam comments.

* Wrote this.

Word count on novel remains the same. Productivity is all a matter of framing.


5 responses to “23 examples of one skill I possess

  1. Your novel will never get done this way–you must focus! Good luck with that!

    Stopping by from Bloggers Over 40.

  2. Sounds like you’re a typical writer! 😉