Each snowflake is different

Were you ever told, when you were a child, that every snowflake was unique? Perhaps the metaphor was extended and you were told that you, too, were unique — just like the snowflake.

Except snowflakes all look the same close up. They may indeed be unlike any other, but it is difficult to tell that when they are falling heavily in your yard or flurrying across the road.

I was thinking about this today as I prepared to blow the leaves off of my driveway. This is a task that I have always hated. In other seasons, I’ve paid someone to do this task for me. Since we have several varieties of trees, all shedding their foliage at different times, I usually paid them several times a season for this task.

This season is different though. I’ve been keeping leaf patrol myself.

I decided that I would enjoy the chore as much as I could. By doing so, I’ve found something much different than sore arms: the beauty that resides in the leaves.

I haven’t done an analysis to verify the unique as a snowflake theory — there are too many for that — but I think that each one, with its varying hues, its veins, its own insect-eaten damage is unique. What beauty there is in the variety. I’m not sure that I would have noticed it if not for the camera — and the damn leafblower.


4 responses to “Each snowflake is different

  1. i heard somebody ask the other day why, if every snowflake is different, all the little arms of a snowflake are the same?

  2. Beside the pleasure of doing one thing well out in the world where we belong, raking also reveals a variety of treasures in the leaves: moths, caterpillars, salamanders, etc. I too celebrate the variety of autumn!