It’s the weekend. Another photo.

I’ve seen these swans at my Mother-in-law’s retirement center all summer. Finally, they were nearby on a day when it was beautiful out and I had my camera.

Two Swans, At Swim


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  1. It’s always eye-catching when a swan shows up among the Canadian geese here, but they generally seem the crankiest of birds, compared to the geese, pelicans, ducks, egrets, herons, etc., around them. Do not play well with others.

  2. Swans are a marvelous bird to watch and photograph. You did a nice job capturing them. One suggestion though is too try photographing them when it isn’t so nice out, but when it is cloudy or foggy. The swans are so bright when they are in direct sunlight that it makes it hard to expose properly for both them and the water (although the water is a much nicer color on nice days). The contrast between the white of the swan and the dark of the water is just too great for a camera to handle, since they can’t capture the same range of light that our eyes can.

    • Thanks, Galen. Not only was it a beautiful day, it was noon so the sun was overhead. Mostly, I took these shots because it was the only time this season both the swans and my camera were there at the same time! I’m still learning a lot about exposure settings. I’ve been taking a lot of trees near my house, varying the settings, then studying the differences. Very hard to get the shadows in the woods. Different circumstance, but same problem: how to deal with extremes of light.

  3. Thanks, Photog, Katie & Ronja! And welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Ronja Constance

    Nice shot!

  5. I love the blue color of the water and how the swans are in such graceful positions!