The City

I live in the 12th largest city in the US, based on population. It feels like a small town, though.

It is a nice city to live in: relatively inexpensive cost-of-living; lots of space for the city to spread out without crowding; two state parks within the city limits, one municipal park that is over 4700 acres, and lots of smaller neighborhood parks; a full-time, year-round symphony; theater and dance companies; a major league pro basketball and football team and a decent minor league baseball park and team; some great independently owned restaurants serving great food; an art museum that also includes both formal gardens and a terrific outdoor “art park”. One of the things that it is really lacking is a decent public transportation system, but maybe the city leaders will figure that one out in the coming years.

I like my hometown; I really do. But, it isn’t a BIG city. It can’t compare with Paris, or London or Chicago or my favorite: New York.

I’m not sure that any city can compare with New York. It has everything you can imagine. And more. Theatre, music, dance, art museums for classical art, modern art and contemporary art, and galleries galore. It has a great transportation system, one that isn’t hard to figure out how to get where you are going, and you can rely on it. Despite the miles of concrete that extends in all directions, including vertically, it has lots of green space. I passed a city park with playing fields at 10pm this evening. It was filled with teams playing soccer, rugby, and volleyball – at 10 pm. It has every type of restaurant imaginable, and more languages spoken than anywhere else I’ve ever been.

But you know all of that already about NY. I wish that I could figure out how to express why I like NY so much. I find it hard, beyond stating the obvious. Maybe it is because there is always something to do, something to learn, something to see, that allows the City to feed me the way no other place can.

That, and with subways, trains, and taxis, I never have to drive.

I leave NYC tomorrow after having been here for five days. It isn’t likely that I will be back again this year. But I will be back. Until I do return, NYC, please don’t change. You are my favorite city on the planet. Sorry London, Paris, Rome, Chicago and all the rest.

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