A trip to the Morgan

I went to the Morgan Library today, to see the Charles Dickens exhibit. It was an interesting exhibit, displaying excerpts from several Dickens letters. The manuscripts were difficult to read, but luckily, most were reprinted in a booklet. I may have more to say about the exhibit after I have finished reading the booklet.

But, there were two other exhibits that caught my eye while there. First, in the lobby, is an installation by Xu Bing, titled The Living Word. Starting on the floor where the word for ‘bird’ is written, the sculpture moves off the floor, taking flight into the soaring atrium. As the work progresses upward, the characters in Chinese for the word ‘bird’ gradually transform into the physical shape of a bird.

Taking flight from the word


Soaring Closeup

The other exhibit was about Lists: To Do lists, inventories, lists of demands. Being a list-maker I had to walk through this exhibit. Among the lists was one list that I think must rank as one of the best love letters ever: a list by Eero Saarinen to his wife Aline Bernstein:

Best Love Letter

I love everything about this list. I am especially taken that there is a IIIa, nestled between IX and X. I also love the comment, with arrow, at the bottom, acknowledging that the last sentence is poorly written.

This post is poorly written as well, but it has been a tiring day. I’m about to nod off.


2 responses to “A trip to the Morgan

  1. A beautiful post!
    Looks like you have seen some really great exhibitions! And the love-list is fantastic!