And she was… missing enough to feel alright.

Some days I really miss The Talking Heads.

The song portion of the video is only 3:51, but keep watching.

Are there any musicians doing innovative art like this today? Who are the talking heads of this generation? Please let me know.


5 responses to “And she was… missing enough to feel alright.

  1. i just remembered and had to find this post again…. Franz Ferdinand totally have a talking heads vibe to their sound, its a kind of retro, highly stylised and super catchy indie pop thing they have going on. I can definitely hear particularly psycho-killer era TH when i listen to them.

    You’ve really made me think about how influential the Talking Heads were, i’d never really appreciated that before.

  2. I can’t name a specific group, but when I listen to the alternative rock stations on iTunes, or a podcast like Coverville, I sure hear a lot that I like!

  3. I think Radiohead are one of the most consistently innovative bands i’ve come across. I know Thom Yorke has talked about taking inspiration from David Byrne’s work when he wrote Kid A…

    this is a cool video btw, thanks for posting