Thinking about Art

I spent some time with a family member who is an artist and art teacher over the weekend. We had a lengthy discussion about his AP Art History class. He showed me the book — the kids should get PE credit just for having to carry the 20 lb book. (He said that he doesn’t have them bring it to school.) I would love to have this book, with its beautiful selection of photographs of art from around the globe and across the centuries.

I took two of his tests and scored well on them. I have obvious gaps in my art knowledge, but where the questions were concerning artists that I was familiar with, I rocked!

One of the questions was about Brancusi, so I had to tell about going to Brancusi’s studio, which has been recreated in a special building at the Centre Pompidou. I am fascinated by the studio: that the artist spent so much time arranging his pieces so that he could display them; that he lived in such a small area of the studio; that his bequest specified that the studio be recreated in its entirety; by the sculptures themselves, their clean, smooth surfaces that I just want to touch. Unfortunately, they are behind glass.

I took the pictures below two years ago when I was in Paris. Fortunately, I don’t have to go to Paris to see some of his sculptures. There is a set of them at MOMA that I may stop by to visit when I’m in NYC in a few weeks.

One of my favorites

I love this reclining head, and the red & blue artwork in the background

Some of the sculptures in their natural habitat

The part of the studio where Brancusi slept, ate and worked.


4 responses to “Thinking about Art

  1. Maybe this is the time one appreciates eBooks and reading online. I suppose in the future, 20lb. textbooks will become an object of antiquity. šŸ˜‰ I love your photos here, esp. the studio, which is an art display itself. And how wonderful to go to NYC to actually visit the MOMA. I look forward to your NYC posts!

    • I don’t think that you would have the same quality in an ebook that you would in this text book. The paper was so lovely and all of the 4-color artwork. I think my BIL said that the book was >$200 and I’m not surprised.

      MoMA is one of my favorite museums, but I didn’t make it there when I was in the City in August. This time though, it is high on my list of planned activities.

  2. Love the reclining head! I remember my art history book from college, it was a monster of a book. Sometimes I wish I still had it but I sold it back after the class because I couldn’t imagine lugging it around for the rest of my life.

    • I don’t think that I have any of my books from college. Most of what I kept, I lost in the great basement flood of 2002. I still miss many of those books. But, I do have art catalogs from many exhibits I’ve been too, with the oldest one from an exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts in London in 1979. I think I would have lugged this book around for many years. Maybe I can find one used.