Bits & Pieces & Bullet Points

Bonita Beach

* I realized that my digital photographs are now in the same state of arrangement as my film photographs. But like everything else in this speeded up digital world, it only took me 5 years — mostly in the last two, but 5 sounds better — to achieve the same degree of chaos as I have with over 30 years of print & negatives. Why am I surprised?

* Best quote of the week: Life keeps coming at you. Isn’t that the truth!

* Books read: < 1. Total pages read: probably < 100.

* I'm liking the cooler weather. I'm not liking having to wear heavier clothes.

* # of days of total stress, in the last 7: 6

* # of opportunities to realize how thankful I am for loving family & friends: countless.

TGIS — and that tomorrow starts a new week. Hope yours is great!


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