Lazy Labor(less) Day

Today, we went to downtown Indianapolis, to Monument Circle to get a close up view of Victory, the statue that sits atop the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument for which the Circle is named. She’s been off her perch for several weeks during renovations. I never realized that she had an eagle seated on her crown. The close up view — actually noticed when I later looked at the photos — revealed that Miss Indiana (also aka Liberty, or just the generic Crowning Figure ) has nipples and a navel. My husband said that it was rather perverted that I pointed this out. Not a perv, I was just observing. I think it is odd that the sculptor would have put such detail into a statue designed to be 240 feet in the air! For now, Ms. Victory, with her recent spit & polish, is resting in a steel cage. Tomorrow morning, she’ll be lifted in the cage and deposited back on top of her pedestal to once again look over the city. If it wasn’t scheduled for 6am, I might make a field trip back downtown to watch and take more photos. I’m sure when I was a child, there were school trips to the monument, although I have no recollection of having ever been inside. Maybe, once renovations are completed, I will go visit the museum that is located at the base. I don’t know for sure, but I would wager that Ms Victory’s recent cleaning might have something to do with a big sporting event that is suppose to happen here in February, now that there isn’t a players’ strike. Maybe I’ll wait until Spring to go visit.

Liberty, Standing Defiantly in Her Cage

After we returned home, continuing our lazy afternoon, I spent time with my husband’s grandson, AJ. He was bored the other day and decided to dye his hair. His reason: “to freak people out”. He earns bonus points with me for fearlessly being himself. He is trying to decide if the next color will be blue or green. I vote for Blue.

Lovely lavender hue, intended shock value: Maximum


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