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'Round the Loop

Submission for Photo Friday.

When I was a child, I wanted to live in this building. I still try to pick it out of the skyline as I drive into Chicago. The movie, Nothing in Common starred Tom Hanks and Jackie Gleason. I don’t remember much about it — other than this building was in the opening sequence — and, even though I was by then an adult, I was jealous of Hanks’ character that he lived there!

Added Note: My husband told me today that this building is named “Marina City”. He was surprised that I didn’t know that — I am too! He also was surprised that we never talked about this building before — he said that it was one of his favorites and that he was at a reception in this building years ago while attending something at IBM, which was located nearby. I took this photo a few years ago and he was with me. Either both of us have forgotten that we’ve talked about this before, or he wasn’t paying attention to what I was shooting.

Here is the wiki page for this building. Very interesting, including that it was commissioned by the Union of Janitors and Elevator Operators, was the tallest reinforced concrete building when built in 1967, and, although it has been featured in several movies in the past and on the label of Mercury Records, the condo association now claims that they own the intellectual property rights to all images of this building for commercial purposes. I didn’t know that you could claim photographic rights to a building. Hmmmm. Interesting.


5 responses to “Photo Friday, on Sunday

  1. Oh, I’ve long been fascinated by that building as well! I spend a lot of time staring at it whenever I am in Chicago, trying to figure it out. Thanks for sharing such a cool photo!

  2. Amazing! Reminds me a little of the insane General Motors/Marriot building in Detroit (looks rather like a cylinder block. Oh, and the claims to own the photographic rights intrigued me. According to the American Society of Media Photographers, “you also need to think about copyright concerns vis-à-vis buildings if they were built after December 1, 1990. Before that, buildings did not have copyright protection and were thus, by definition, in the public domain. Shoot away.” ( So I suspect the condo owners are simply trying it on post the success of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

    • Hi Gabriel. Thanks for the link. I don’t know the GM building, but will look it up. Have only been to Detroit — technically — twice, flying in and out of the airport. It isn’t that far from where I live, but have never had reason to go there — especially now when there isn’t much there but, sadly, blight. I also found out that there are no right angles in the condos. I like it that every apartment has a balcony in both the living room and bedroom, although I think I’d have a difficult time being on the balcony because I don’t like heights. Does sound like the condo association was overreaching, as they only own floors 21 – 61.

  3. What an interesting building. As a film lover, I have to admit I haven’t seen that one, “Nothing In Common”. Talking about movies … do you know Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock will be starring in the adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? That title is on my first list of “Upcoming Books into Films”. Thanks for coming over and leaving your comment. I love to hear you talk about movies, or plays.

    • Hi Arti. Thanks for stopping by. I will definitely be posting on the plays that I saw recently in NYC (7 of them!) but have been busy since I got back. Look for something in the next few days.