Back again.

Just returned from a week in New York, where I nearly overdosed on theatre. Wait! I don’t think that’s possible, but I did see 7 plays in 6 days, leaving little time to write about anything here. I’ll be posting something about the Royal Shakespeare Company’s residency at The Park Ave Armory certainly (saw 4 plays in 2 days, wow!). Truly an amazing experience. Will probably also let you know my thoughts on Jerusalem although I’m still processing some of what that play was about. And, I will most definitely write about the seriously creepy, fun, voyeuristic, ballet-play-horror show, sensory overload, sexual fright house/film noir ghost story that was the Sleep No More experience! And that falls short of even approaching adequately describing this immersive theatre experience!

Looking at my spam filter after a week, I found one very odd comment. Certainly all spam, by its mere existence is odd, just like its namesake foodstuff, but this was a lengthly paragraph of unrelated nouns and adjectives. I’d quote the entire bit if it weren’t so lengthy and I wasn’t concerned that whoever placed it would search for all or part of the text string, a very weird concoction of sports, politics, cultural items and gibberish. Sometimes that seems like this blog, without the sports, hopefully without the gibberish, and certainly with much better punctuation, grammar and clarity of thought. I scratch my head when I come upon this sort of spam: why do they bother? Is there really any effective results of such spam?


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  1. “overdosed on theatre”… I’ve never had that experience, but would love to experiment. What a wonderful trip you’ve had in NYC. I’m just curious which plays you’ve seen. Also, there’s one that I’m particularly interested in and that’s “Through A Glass Darkly” an Ingmar Bergman film written for the stage. Carey Mulligan is in it as the main character Karin. I hope you’ll post some of your thoughts on the plays you’ve seen.