Intro inventory

I had to write an introduction for a writing class that I am taking. I really don’t like doing these. This is what I submitted:

An introductory, but incomplete inventory of likes, dislikes, things I can’t remember, skills, mysteries I don’t have a clue about, and what made me smile today:

Aching Beauty, Beets, Blue, Birds, Brussels Sprouts, Chocolate, Fog on the river during the spring snow melt, Kindness, Photography, Poetry, Tomatoes that taste like sunshine distilled, Reading, Writing, Yelling at windbags on TV. Book, Beach, Hometown, NYC, Patio when the trees are budding or the flowers blooming, or leaves are turning, Pen and paper. Cats, Dusting, Eggplant, Ham, Hospitals, Incomplete lists, The Obvious, Peanut butter, Polemics, Xenophobia, Zoos. Correct spellings, Exact quotations, Names, Punchlines. Breathing, Data tables, Financial systems, Loving, Hospitals, Project Management, Observing, Wonder, Words. The Business World, Calculus, Corporate Culture, High heeled shoes, Love, Retirement, Timing a joke, Wearing red lipstick, the Why of the Wasp, Writing; My camera, My kid, Rain, Writing this.

I suppose I could have added clever in several of these categories.


2 responses to “Intro inventory

  1. It would make a nice poem.

    • That was sort of my intent, although it is a fiction writing class, not a poetry writing class. After reading the others, I think that a few of them probably scratched their heads over mine. 🙂