No Two Alike: Photo Friday Assignment Seashore

In the harbor at sunrise, Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, October 2010

Today’s Photo Friday assignment is Seashore. The difficult part in this assignment for me was not the lack of a photo. One could think it might have been because Indiana is several hundred miles away from the sea. But, although not a sun worshiper, the beach is my default vacation locale. So, the difficulty, then, was in choosing a photo. I spent nearly an hour looking through shots I’ve taken at the shore — sunsets, boats, birds, seaweed, sea-foam, shells, swimmers, sunbathers, bocce players — before I settled on this one. No two are ever the same and I never tire of snapping shots at the shore.

This picture was taken early one morning last October as we waited to depart Ft. Myers Beach for a day in Key West. Four hours away by the express boat, a Key West day trip is a long one, but one that is well worth it: four glorious hours on the Gulf with the smell of sea, the warmth of the sun and the beautiful blue of the water, followed by a day of fun in The Conch Republic. Even if you aren’t much of a reveller, if you can’t enjoy a sunny day in Key West, you probably have some very difficult issues in your life.

Most people would not consider the life of a shrimper the ‘high life’, but I suspect that this boat’s owner is someone who is doing what he wants, or the boat is a means to that end. Like those that gravitate to the Keys and live the beach bum life, the ‘high life’ is not about fortune and fame. It’s about having that boat, feeling the gentle rocking of the wake in the early morning hours as the sun rises, when the birds squawk as they feed in the tide pools and you relax or doze, while land dwellers hurry off to start the day in a place that is truly a world away.

Some other shots that I considered for today’s assignment:

Sunset Fort Myers Beach

Sunset, Dog Beach, Lovers' Key State Park, Florida

Red sky at night, Sailors' delight. Estero Island, looking towards Sanibel, Fort Myers Beach, Florida

One who got away?


2 responses to “No Two Alike: Photo Friday Assignment Seashore

  1. Love the picture you’ve chosen! If i could exchange some the shrimps for some books, this could very well be my idea of ‘high life’.