Things I learned this week, Current obsessions and recommendations

Learned (or Relearned) this week:

* It’s good to see old friends after several weeks absence.
* Chickens don’t lay when they are stressed by the heat. Therefore, it is best to get to the market before 10 am if you want eggs from the chicks you know. Corollary: Walking through the farmers’ market with two bags of veggies is no fun with an aching back.
* It’s much nicer to be able to apply the ‘5-second rule’ to your kitchen floor, even if you never will. Previously, 5 seconds meant 5 seconds from hitting the floor, not on the floor. Scrubbing the grout between the tiles may be why my back is aching.
* That F. Scott Fitzgerald sold less that 23,000 copies of The Great Gatsby in his lifetime, thought the book was never out of print.
* My son is apparently a much more voracious reader than I am. He read 3 times as many book last week while visiting as I have read in the last 3 months.
* I doubt that I will take decent pictures of the moon without 1) a sturdier tripod, 2) better lens, 3) a lot more practice. Since 1 & 2 are not likely in the near future, I need to weigh whether the amount of bug bites is worth the effort for the output.
* Woody Allen can still make a movie I will actually like. Midnight in Paris may move Hannah and Her Sisters to #2 on my list of favorite Woody Allen movies. Of course, I’ve always loved The Kugelmas Episode so how could I not like this? (No apologies for it being behind a paywall. Respect copyrights.)

Current obsessions and recommendations:

* Just finished watching Season 1 of Treme. Great, novelistic series, with — of course — awesome music. The theme song is an ear worm.
* Zuccardi Q Cabernet Sauvignon. Nice, chewy wine. Great with grilled steaks and mushrooms. 90 points per Robert Parker. Supposedly can be cellared for 10 years. If I get another bottle, it isn’t likely to be in my possession that long before being opened.
* All the green stuff that comes in the farm share box: kale, spinach, basil, kohlrabi, cucumbers, zucchini. Yumm.
* Beets. Not green — except for the tops which are great when cooked like spinach or kale– but still fresh from the farm. I love the color as you cook them.

Lovely red color!

The ones pictures below are varigated white & red, and look more like an odd hybrid of potatoes & tomatoes once peeled.

Ready for slicing for a nice summer salad.

I love the earthy, dirt smell to them that seems so incongruent to the sweet taste. I see a salad with beets, walnuts and goat cheese in my near future.
* Taking pictures of spider webs. They are not easy to capture because there is so little there.

How did she spin this in mid-air?

Always a thing of awe to me.

More interesting than a firework exploding, and without the noise.

* All things RSC. Looking forward to seeing them in NYC in August. Am tempted to count the days until we go, much like a child eager to go to DisneyLand. Plan to read all five plays before I see them: Romeo & Juliet, As You Like It, King Lear, Julius Ceaser, A Winter’s Tale

Currently reading:
* The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald. It’s been awhile since I’ve read this.
* A Week at the Airport, Alain de Botton.
* Small Wonder, Barbara Kingsolver. A collection of essays.

Trying to understand:
* Google+ Why do I want this?
* Nursing homes and elder care.
* How to answer the question: “What do you do?” now that I do not work. Retired just seems too weird.


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