Ambient light

A short time ago, I walked outside to see if I could tell which of my neighbors was lighting their leftover fireworks. I had no intention of doing anything about it, other than adding to the neighborhood archive maintained only in my head. I was simply curious as to who didn’t expend everything in their arsenal last night, as the pops, whizzes, bangs continued until after 1 this morning.

As I stepped outside, I noticed how warm the patio felt. The sunbaked concrete felt good on my bare feet, contrasting to a seeming chill in the air. It won’t be too cool this evening, but the 78 degree air is a change from the all sunshine, upper 80’s this afternoon. It is still too early for the patio to have released the day’s heat.

As I looked to the west, I saw a light through the trees. Either the neighbor’s have installed a spot light on the hill, or the moon is setting early. It occurs to me that we’ve had so much rain lately, coupled with my complete inattention to the moon, that I have no idea when the last time I saw the moon, nor what phase it is in right now. It is waxing crescent, by the way, as the web site CalculatorCat, informed me.

As I looked southward, I saw the reds and blues of a firework fountain, its hiss disturbing the dogs next door. The pyrotechnics were across the main road, just far enough away to not land in my woods, but close enough to hear the sounds as the bottle rockets raced upward. I looked up trying to see if I could glimpse the explosion or the sparks gently gliding back towards the ground.

I lost track of the rocket, and found myself staring at the unrevealing sky, an orange-tinged shade of gray that tricks your mind into thinking that it is overcast. Slowly my eyes adjusted and I could see a few faint stars. I wonder if I walk outside around 2 or 3, after the city has gone to bed, if I will see more.

It is still as dark outside in the woods as it was when I moved here a dozen years ago, but the sky as lost its innocence as the city light creeps closer to a 24/7 occurrence.


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