30 days

Welcome to Four Deer Oak. I used to blog fairly regularly. Then, mostly, irregularly. In the past year, not at all.

But, lately I’ve felt a need to develop a writing routine; something more than brief status updates, yet with the immediacy of blogging or sharing via social media. Restarting a conversation on my old blog, though, proved to have a few obstacles — of the psychological, not technological, variety. After nearly a year, it just seemed, well, old. So, starting with a clean slate, I’m ready to attempt this blogging thing again.

While perusing sites on the interwebs today (aka wasting time, even when you don’t have a boss who might look over your shoulder), I listened to this TedTalk

with Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google, talking about trying something new for 30 days. There isn’t anything revolutionary in what Cutts said, nothing I hadn’t heard before, but it was enough for me to decide that I could try this for 30 days. In fact, I needed to just dive right in, I decided, instead of occasionally thinking about what this blog might be, how I wanted it to look, what sorts of topics I might explore, how I might develop a routine, and a thousand other variations that I had thought about for the last several weeks, letting the idea of the perfect get in the way of the good; or, at least, if not the good, then the tangible, the actual commencement of doing.

I have two goals for the next month:

1) To post regularly. Ideally, this would be daily, but I don’t know that I can achieve that. I’ve done the post daily monthly challenges before and often found myself struggling at times, letting a few lame links function as a minimal requirement. That is not really writing every day; at least not for me. I will write every day during July, but I’m not committing to posting every day. Look for something here at least twice a week.

2) To have some sort of conversation with readers and other bloggers. It might take a while for others to find me, but I’m hoping to have some comments & conversation by the end of the month. If you spend a few minutes here, let me know what you think. Unless I get my blood roiling over something and don’t apply the brakes quickly enough, you likely won’t find anything here that is controversial, but I do hope that you find something thought provoking and worth the few minutes of your time spent here.

What sort of topics might you find here? My thoughts on books, movies and plays (I’ve tickets to several in the next 6 weeks), likely a photograph or two each week as I am trying to improve my photographic skills which are very much in the low amateur ranks, ponderings about events in the world, or in my world (for example, on not working by choice but not being retired: how do I now identify myself?), musings on items I have observed, encomia for a few of my favorite passions or current obsessions. As the tag line says in this blog’s header: bits and pieces from my little piece of the planet.

I’m trying this for 30 days. I hope you will come along with me for the next 30 days on this return trip to the world of blogging.

One response to “30 days

  1. How nice to find you here, Cam. I like the look of this new blog! xo