>Summer Fun: Splash!


Splash!, originally uploaded by Cam.

This week’s entry for the Photo Friday Challenge, Summer Fun. Taken May, 2010, Washington Square Park, NYC.


6 responses to “>Summer Fun: Splash!

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  2. >The kid, the water, the crocs? hahhhaha I am jelous. . .being a kid is a sort of book, that is full of wonders and excitement.

  3. >Great shot!

  4. >That is just gorgeous. LOVE the photos you are posting and adored your wardrobe-thru-the-decades post. It's been fun catching up!

  5. >I agree, Smithereens. I'm not in the office yet, but should be on my way. But it would be more fun to go splash around instead (today it would be in rain puddles.)

  6. >Makes me want to do the same! (but uh-oh, I'm in the office)