>Morning, Noon, Night

>One of the things that I want to explore this year is taking photos in different types of light.   Here is the first in this series which I am dubbing “Morning, Noon, Night”. 


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  1. >Emily — I thought so too. I tried to get a shot where he was facing into the wind as all the others were facing the other way, but it just didn't work out well. These birds (Royal Terns, I think) are so funny looking with their scruffy black caps. Seems odd to me, but now that it is warmer, they seem to have found another place to hang out. Last week, they were the only species on the shore and now the beach is filled with pelicans, gulls and sandpipers.

  2. >I just live that little guy right in the middle. He seems like he's all set to tackle this day.

  3. >No, Courtney, you are not loosing your mind. Glad you like the new look. Still a bit of a work in progress, but I thought a new year and a renewed committment to posting here more than just sporadically, demanded a new look as well.

  4. >love the picture, and the new look of the blog (it IS a new look, right – I'm not losing my mind?) – so glad you are back and blogging!

  5. >Taken on the Gulf of Mexico, SW Florida.

  6. >Great picture! Where did you take it??

  7. >What a great photo, Cam! I love it!