>The Absent Blogger

>I haven’t abandoned this blog – just snowed under (metaphoricallly, though it is cold & snowy here). Promise I’ll be back here soon. For those of you in snowy climates: stay warm.


6 responses to “>The Absent Blogger

  1. >Like you, I have my periods of absence. But I’ll always, always be back! xoxoxo

  2. >Caryn – I think January is always an ignore month for me!UnRelaxed: I’m hoping the tumbleweed blows away soon.

  3. >One of my earrings fell off the other day and I had to remove three layers of clothing to get to it. Although I didn’t, I could have done that in public without risk of inappropriate/indecent exposure because I was still wearing a few layers.

  4. >I.Am. So. Cold. And also, sick of the layering.

  5. >Everyone seems so busy lately! All around the Blogosphere blogs are being ignored. I think it’s just a busy time. Good luck getting caught up. 🙂

  6. >I sympathise – my blog is looking similarly infested with tumbleweeds! Hope you can take a spade to the snow soon…