>It’s Not Too Late: Share Your Thanksgiving Recipe

>It’s not too late to participate in the Virtual Thanksgiving Feast. Send me a link before noon (Eastern time) Monday and I’ll link back to your recipe. I’ve already decided to include two of the recipes on my Thanksgiving menu. Check back tomorrow to see which one. See details here.

3 responses to “>It’s Not Too Late: Share Your Thanksgiving Recipe

  1. >done! It’s sort of a sad, pathetic entry, but, done!

  2. >Unrelaxed: scroll down a bit and read my post from 11/23. No such thing as too much alcohol, at least not in my family. Champagne because we’re French, or is that beer because we’re German, or anything because we’re Irish — very Euro-immigrant melting pot.

  3. >At the moment, I suspect any recipe I provide will have far too much alcohol…