>This week’s To-Do List, with pictures

>To Do List:

* Get to airport on time. [Just barely.] a

* Make difficult decisions, such as:

Walk North a

Walk South a

* Take lots of naps.a

* Hug some trees. [metaphorically] a

Palm trees…

Swamp fig on cyprus


* Swim in the sea. a

* See the sun kiss the water. a

* Eat plenty of seafood (Grouper, Flounder, Shrimp, Oysters…) a

* Go to my favorite Audubon Sanctuary, Corkscrew Swamp and observe nature. [alligators, birds, anoles, frogs, plants, spiders, racoons. Heard a bear growl.] a

Red-Shouldered Hawk
Green Tree Frog (hiding)

* Ignore Blackberry. Let others work. a

* Stop and smell the flowers. a
Water Lily

Narrow-leaf sunflowers


Alligator Flag Blossom
White vine

* Lie on the beach under the full moon and stare at the stars. a

* Work on personal projects, not work projects a

* Observe two birds I haven’t noticed before [Black Skimmers, Common Yellowthroat] a

* Read. a

* Favorite line of poetry this week:
…from what we cannot hold, the stars are made — WS Merwin Youth

* Take pictures. Relax a

Old trees hold many tales….

4 responses to “>This week’s To-Do List, with pictures

  1. >Oh, wow. You poor thing. How will you ever get all that taxing relaxation done in the time allotted to you? Best of luck with it. 😉

  2. >UnRelaxed — I felt the same way when you wrote that you were going to the South of France a few months ago. Emily — It was heavenly! I’ve never thought of Florida as paradise (sorry, Floridians!), but just being away on a beach with absolutely no agenda other than to go to my favorite beach bar for a grouper sandwich was delightful!

  3. >Looks absolutely heavenly. Wish I could join you!

  4. >I think I’m just going sit in a corner and feel jealous for a bit! 🙂