>live blogging Obama

>Obama isn’t on stage yet. Thousands of people standing in Indianapolis in American Legion Mall — IN THE RAIN. And Stevie Wonder is singing !!!!!


Updated: I can’t say I saw Senator Obama, but I could hear him! Local news stations are estimated that there were 21,000 people in the Mall, a park in downtown Indianapolis about 2 blocks long (1/4 mile long) & 1 block wide.

I think this little guy had one of the best seats in the house.

Well worth standing for 2 hours & walking 1.35 miles in queue to get into the park area about 500 feet from our car! Everybody in Indiana & North Carolina: GO VOTE TOMORROW.

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  1. >I almost got out of my chair and tried to vote so enthralled was I by your post and photos … and then I realized (a) I live in California and (b) this already happened, like, a little while ago.Serves me right for dawdling around the internets.

  2. >Anne, thanks for pointing me to Kos’ demographic analysis. Yes, this is exciting! One of the things that I found so exciting about listening to Obama here in Indy is that it is so rare that any candidate campaigns here — unless it is a big-time donor’s gathering. (Bush has had a few of those here in Indy over the last 8 years). I understand all of the comments/concerns about the prolonged race, and I don’t like the tone of some of the mailings/ads, but from the perspective of someone who’s primary vote has rarely counted in a national election (I don’t think ever in my voting lifetime), I’m glad to feel that I was a part of it. This election cycle has left me thinking of 2 reforms: 1) regional primaries — maybe 4 or 5, and not spread out over months, 2) a much shorter primary season, including all of the pre-announcement campaigning that went on for months and months on both sides.

  3. >(all right, I’ll stop politicking soon, I promise, but this is EXCITING…)Markos Moulitsas, the kos of the Daily Kos has really smart demographic analysis of NC & IN up that should be encouraging to ALL and give the lie to HRC’s race-baiting tactics.Sure, she’ll win WV & KY, but Obama will be our next president!

  4. >McBush, I love it!I am totally stealing that.How great you got to see him. I think we are on the downside of this thing now…he’s our candidate. Whee!

  5. >Anne: I haven’t had a chance to look at the individual county breakdowns, so I only know the large ones that went for Obama; as predicted: Lake & Marion, maybe Monroe. I’ve only read one news story today — mostly because I didn’t have time — but I was dismayed that the one I read focused so much on what ‘demographic’ voted for whom, predictably focusing on race and gender. If 6 in 10 women voted for Clinton, and large percentage (I don’t remember stat quoted) of African-Americans voted for Obama, who made up the rest of their voters? I think the African-American population in Indiana is a about 20%, and about 25% of the Democratic Party nationally. It’s not like all white women voted for Clinton and only blacks voted for Obama. Are we ready for a change? One that gets beyond divisive politics. Can we make that change? YES WE CAN! One more thing: Guess we Hoosiers weren’t as dumb as Clinton thought we were, buying her ill-advised gas tax holiday plan panned by not just Senator Obama, but by most economists. According to exit polling, it wasn’t a persuading argument for those who voted for Senator Clinton. Yes, Obama didn’t win, but a 51/49 split when he was suppose to lose by double digits is stunning. Obama rocks!

  6. >YES WE CAN!!Indiana did great–a tiny victory for Hillary is a loss and now we can focus on McBush.Thanks for the blog–I was thinking about you all last night. (Tippecanoe went Obama, but Putnam, Hillary–surprise, surprise…)

  7. >Dorothy, I turned off the tv about 11, when there was less than 40,000 votes separating them and about 225,000 votes to be counted — in an favorable Obama area. Pundits were saying it may be as few as 1500 votes out of one million cast. That’s amazing that so many people turned out to vote! Unlike Clinton campaign spinning this as a success, it really is great news for Obama who was, despite what the other side said, was not expected to do as well as he has. Seems like they were predicting double digits difference just a few weeks ago!Well, guess we’ll find out sometime tomorrow!

  8. >Oh, that sounds exciting! Unfortunately, the news reports are now telling me it doesn’t look good for Obama in Indiana now — although he’s got North Caroline. I’m eager for this endurance race to be over …

  9. >Anne & Maggie. It was cool. It was exciting. Made up for the fact that someone stole my Obama for President yard signs last night (and apparently all of the Democratic signs for local & national races on my street — not that there were that many in my very Republican neighborhood). It will be interesting to listen to the results tomorrow night. It should be close. Indianapolis will probably go for Obama, but may not in other more rural areas in Indiana.

  10. >OOOhh–this is very exciting! YES WE CAN!Can you deliver Indiana to us, Cam? I’m weary.I’m sorry that you missed the 3 Musketeers. What did your husband think?And keep us updated!!!Go Barack! Go Stevie!