>NYC Foodies: Need restaurant recommendation

>Any suggestions for dinner in vicinity of 92nd St Y? Not looking for high-end dining (saving that for another time). Just a place to have good food in short period of time (not fast food, though) before going to an event at 92nd St Y. Thanks for your recommendations!


4 responses to “>NYC Foodies: Need restaurant recommendation

  1. >Hi Anne. Thanks for the recommendation. It wasn’t for me, and it was for last night before the Eco, Rushie, Vargas Llosa reading at the 92nd St Y. Read on Dorothy’s blog that you were there — can’t wait to read what you thought of it. I’ll have to remember Pio Pio — and to make reservations — although I have no idea when the next time I’ll be in NYC. Wish I could have been there this week for the PEN World Voices events.

  2. >We tried to go to Pio Pio last night, but it was full. It’s way over on 1st but highly rec’d Peruvian…We ended up at a REALLY mediocre Mexican….Am I too late? I hope you’re well–I’ve been so happy to have your comments lately–and grateful–and way too busy to say so in the moment…

  3. >Anonymous: After I posted, I realized that I should have said “other than Peri Ela, which is on the schedule for a different night!”

  4. >Peri Ela has received good reviews.http://nymag.com/listings/restaurant/peri-ela/It's one block from the Y.