>How Blogging Has Impacted My Life:


I need more bookcases!
Yes, stacked 2 or 3 deep!

And, elsewhere, we have stacks like this:
Exhibition Catalogs. As you can see, I acquired my first a looooong time ago….

And then there is the Presidential Biography project going on at Maison Camille. Spouse and a friend are undertaking this reading list — all of the Presidents. I’m not exactly participating ….yet. But, I have heard details of each of the books read so far. I’m thinking I can jump in & catch up. Sequentially, household meter is at #3, Jefferson. Look closely…too optimistic?

7 responses to “>How Blogging Has Impacted My Life:

  1. >That’s exactly how my room looks! Too funny.

  2. >I need a bookshelf too. I will be looking out for a second-hand one though.

  3. >Ha! My bookshelves and tables are beginning to look like that too …

  4. >I can relate! I need more bookshelves….and fewer piles. And I really need to prune my books, but that’s such a tough job for a bibliophile.

  5. >Syliva: Bibliophilia is a space-consuming thing! Smithereens: I hadn’t thought about the books in the background, but these two titles are funny in this context. When I think of the disregard some who have held the office have, it is difficult not to be cynical. Reading bios of the early presidents, though, should be interesting in light of my views of the 8 presidents I’ve been aware of during my lifetime.

  6. >On your picture about the Present project, I noticed The dinosaur heresies and A fine disregard. Does that apply to presidents? That would be funny though…

  7. >Bibliophilia–it’s a beautiful thing! 😉