>The Favorites 2008


Last year, I created a survey and asked readers to complete it. It was intended to list the favorite books and blogs of the year, based on the opinions of the readers of this blog. One of the feedback comments I received was: “Do this every year!” So that’s what I am doing!

Like last year, the intent is not to come up with the “best” books and blogs of 2007. Instead, it is your favorite things to read. Completing the survey is easy. Just follow this link. There are ten questions, posing questions like “how many books did you read this year?” and “what is your favorite book-related blog?” The survey does not track your IP address, not does it ask for your name. I will, however, when I post the survey results, list the names of those participants who leave a comment here stating that they have completed the survey.

The survey is open now. You can complete anytime between now and 12am (Pacific) on December 31, 2007. I will post the results on Dec 31st.

2 responses to “>The Favorites 2008

  1. >I’ve completed it! I figure nothing else of import is going to happen, reading-wise, for the rest of the month.

  2. >Done it! Amazed to find I’ve actually read anything this year!