>It’s May!

>I love May. Here is a picture taken in May a few years ago, in Monet’s Garden at Giverney.

Have a lovely May Day!

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  1. >Danielle — I garden by neglect and would only have a garden like this in my dreams. And I’ve never been able to keep a houseplant alive. My husband has a plant that is over 30 years old. I’m not allowed to touch it.

  2. >How gorgeous! I wish I wasn’t such a sucky gardener! But at least I can appreciate something so lovely!!

  3. >What a beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. >That picture really captures what makes the garden seem particularly attractive to paint.

  5. >I hope you all had a great day. I should have given credit to my spouse for snapping the wonderful picture.Brad — Giverny is a wonderful place to visit and I’d recommend it to anyone. The house tour is typical tourist fare, but the gardens are amazing! That day at Giverney ranks as one of the best days I’ve ever had traveling. It started with an early morning train ride to Giverney and ending 19 hours and 5 bottles of wine later after having dinner with a Parisian couple who found my email address on the internet & sent me an email that began (in French) “Maybe we’re related? Hope you speak French.” Great food, good wine, beautiful places and making wonderful friends — what could be better?

  6. >Great photo. It must have been a great place to visit.

  7. >Oh, I guess that means my rent is due! Oops. Happy May Day!

  8. >Oh, what a gorgeous photo! Happy May Day!