>Saturday After 5 Days Gone


Saturday After 5 Days Gone

Blue bird on silvery black wing flies.
An aging sunbeam, having left
home just short light years ago,
strains to curve around the horizon
to glow through iced windows,
would-be enticement for any sleepy cat.
Red berries hang on cold brown bark.
White snow drifts slowly off the trees
onto the frozen ground, hiding
the secrets of spring of which
only the winter thrushes can sing.
Ice shifts, roof creaks. I move
deeper under the blankets soft,
to hear my lover’s rhythmic breath,
to be near his beating heart
warming my soul.

4 responses to “>Saturday After 5 Days Gone

  1. >This has got a delicious feeling to it of snow and hunkering down for some lovin’! I was very taken with the description of the bird and the berries. And the cat and the sunbeam … Oh to heck with it – it’s all good! Love the photo – it shows perfectly the contrast snow gives us in the way of line and shadow.

  2. >What a wonderful photograph. “ice shifts roof creaks” brings me right there — and how lovely to have someone to keep you warm. xo, BLhtt

  3. >Beautiful descriptions of nature and lovely romantic ending.

  4. >Wonderful. Happy Valentine’s Day!