>Unproven Theorem

>Let Y equal X be the given.
Make the sun revolve round the moon.
Send the clocks spinning backwards
halting the moment before the words
came crashing, cascading down into
unknown caverns in my heart. Go
back. Screech the brakes. Pull out
all the stops. Don’t let it happen (again).
Let X equal Y be in a different
dimension on some far away plane
where lifelines can bend and twist.
Let Y equal X be a given
where pain equals laughter, dark
is light and sadness be joy.
Let Y equal X: the clanging
noise tuned to music, the
scribbling words writ poesy,
the ugliness blossom’d to art,
blending tears like watercolors.
Let Y be a constant like the stars
in their courses. Let X equal all things.
A fresh start, a return: light refracted anew.

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9 responses to “>Unproven Theorem

  1. >So … turn everything on its head and see what we’ve got? Great stuff! Kind of like you’re saying that maths holds everything together, yet it has the capacity to turn everything around as well … with a little imagination. It reminds me a little of sci fi. Really interesting.

  2. >This is great, your words have created a wonderful universe.

  3. >I liked the pulse created by the repetition of “Let Y equal X be the given”. The whole thing has a great “sound” to it.

  4. >Thanks everyone for your comments. If you’ve posted as part of Poetry Thursday, I’ll read and comment on your poem soon (blogger is being a bit persnickity right now!). Emily, thanks so much for your comment. Quite a compliment coming from a math editor!

  5. >This is lovely. I adore the repetition of Let X… with the vivid imagery that follows. Wonderful work!

  6. >This is beautiful – the math is so unobtrusive, yet so perfectly used here.

  7. >Paradise!Chasing Eldorado…ah…gautami.Do chk my post…Straight Curves.

  8. >y equals x where:y equals your poemx equals wonderful!

  9. >I would definitely like to live in that universe! Just wonderful!