>What would you do?

>Imagine: You have this afternoon all to yourself — no responsibilities (except as a decent human being, of course), no obligations, nothing that has to be done, no place to be. You have a magic transport device that can take you anywhere on this planet instantaneously. What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you take with you? Or would you spend the time alone?

In 88 words or less, leave your response in the comments, telling where you would go and why.

I’ll do a random drawing on Wednesday selecting one winner for some kind of potentially fabulous prize for anyone who leaves a comment before 23:59:59 EST Tuesday.

Update: And the winner is…. Dorothy


13 responses to “>What would you do?

  1. >Oh, cool! I just saw this — I’ll email you ASAP — thanks!

  2. >First time commenters Lettershaper, Karmon, & Adrienne — welcome. Karmon & Adrienne — books and bookstores are always a great way to pass the afternoon, aren’t they?Charlotte, dreaming of a book & a cup of tea or a glass of wine sure sounds good when it is cold & snowy.Emily, Maggie & Syliva — you all picked beaches. Sand & sun — what fun!Dorothy — I’m not surprised that you’d be hiking somewhere. I think Mt. Katadin may be calling you. Of course, it’s be chilly this time of year, but I bet the magic transporter can bring sunny weather too. Litlove & ChiefBiscuit — thanks for stopping by. Even though you didn’t participate, I hope you took a few seconds to daydream about how you might spend the time. And the winner is ….. Dorothy W. Email me (see sidebar on blog) where to send your prize — a bookmark and a book of poem by WB Yeats. Enjoy!How would I spend my afternoon? When I first posted this, I thought my answer would be at L’Orangerie in Paris looking intently at the magnificent watercolors by Monet, followed by dinner at this little cafe near the Bastille that serves great cassollet and a ‘vin de l’heure’, whatever bottle is open at the time. But, now real winter weather has hit here and walking on a beach, probably somewhere on the Florida Gulf Coast, sounds good, followed by a hike and some birdwatching at Corkscrew Sanctuary or maybe picking strawberries which are in season in Florida right now. Thanks for playing everybody.

  3. >I think I’m too late for this, but I’ve enjoyed everyone else’s answers. Mine would in any case have been boring and totally predictable – read!

  4. >Ew, Dorothy, take the precipitous trail in Acadia Ntl. Park. What a Thrill! ;D

  5. >I would take my husband back to the fantastic bookstore in Pacific Grove/Monterey CA we discovered on our honeymoon.

  6. >The beach on Tybee Island (Georgia) with a good book and no crowd.

  7. >I’d go to the top of some mountain in New Hampshire or Maine — some mountain with fabulous views — and take the Hobgoblin and Muttboy with me. We’d eat and take naps in the sun.

  8. >No question, I’d go to Hawai’i and sit on the beach. I’d take anyone from Vancouver Island who was sick of the weather, which would be just about everybody. We’re going to need a lot of beach…

  9. >Ah, I would grab my sweetie and head for Cumberland Island, GA. It’s a little too chilly for swimsuits, so I would wear a breezy linen number, and spend all day walking the beach. Work off that icky dead heel skin. We might catch a glimpse of wild horses or stampeding crabs. 😉

  10. >I’d want to be teletransported with my husband to the beautiful coral reefs under the sea off the island of Belize in the Caribbean. I’m waiting. When is it coming to pick us up?

  11. >Sorry – I wish I had more time to take part – but wanted to say Hi anyway.

  12. >Being alone in my own home and having silence is the greatest gift for me. So, no teletransporters necessary, I’d sip tea in the sunny spot on my terrasse, read a book on the sofa and write some words at the table. Later, flushed with the thrill of a well-turned sentence or two, I’d pour myself a glass of wine and warm myself at gentle hearth-fire of my home.

  13. >As a poet, I very much enjoyed my walk through your blog…as an avid reader, I think I enjoyed it even more. I’ll link you, if I may.