Green Heron

Green Heron, Six MIle Cypress

Green Heron, Six MIle Cypress Slough

There were lots of birds — herons, storks, anhingas — and other creatures like squirrels and pigs in the swamp this afternoon, but this Green Heron was the only one that actually posed.

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I bought my first SLR camera (a Yashica TL-ELECTRO) when I was 17 and imagined I would become a great photographer. My love of photography, unfortunately, was thwarted by a photo-journalism class (the first "C" in college, but not the last!) as well as several packages of accidentally exposed photo paper and the high cost of film on a student budget. An unexpected gift of a Canon Rebel xSI four years ago reawakened those old, dormant dreams. A bit wiser now, I knew that photog instructor was full of bs even if technically he was pretty good. I began snapping away and haven't looked back. Mostly, I shoot nature photography because flowers and rocks don't talk back at you when you pose them. I am a photographer, a reader, a writer, a thinker, a dreamer. Mostly you'll see the photographer here, but signs of the others shine through every now and again.
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  1. I don’t think we have green herons here in the UK. Good close-up and nice angle on the head. It’s great when they pose.

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