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We stopped for a visit at the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida on Saturday.  I don’t usually take photos of artwork in museums; I don’t usually see the point of a photograph of a painting.   But, the museum building is a work of art, so there were plenty of opportunities for interesting shots.  In particular, I liked the staircase which is shaped like a double-helix and the multiple windows that comprise a dome that can withstand a hurricane.

The Dalí Museum is the kind of museum I like:  focused and small.  There is a variety of work to see, but not so much as to overwhelm either your time or your brain. Well, at least not by fatigue; a single Dalí, with its typical multiple dream-like allegories, can overwhelm one’s senses.

The size of this museum, which houses the largest collection of Dalí works in North America, allows the visitor to focus on just a few works, providing a good introduction to this prolific artist’s work.   We had a well-informed tour guide — although he talked a bit too fast — who provided us with a solid overview of the progression of Dalí’s life and work.  Dalí was a prolific artist who was recognized for his artistic abilities when he was a child. You can’t possibly cover all of his work in an hour, nor could you get an understanding of the complexities of his work and philosophy by looking at only a few dozen paintings, but why would you want that extensive amount of information crammed into a short tour?

The Dalí Museum is a great way to spend an hour or two if you are in the Tampa/St Pete area.   After you visit the galleries, there is a lovely small garden with a labyrinth.  It, too, is just the right size for a short stroll, or a quiet place to watch the birds flying over the water just across the street.

And, because I’m a geek, I had to take a picture of this, located outside in the garden.   I learned from the docent that Dalí included many examples of naturally occurring perfect circles in his work. Dalí was obsessed with the golden rectangle. I want to learn more about how this relates to the design of  the building.  The tour guide mentioned something about it, but I was at the back of the pack, doing what else?  Taking photos.

I like pi

I like pi

The Dalí Museum is located at 1  Dalí Blvd, St. Petersburg, FL.

{This week’s WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge was to embed a map in a travel post. I had intended to post about my visit to the Dalí Museum, so this fit the challenge easily!]

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  1. Pat says:

    Thanks for the post. This sounds like an interesting museum. I, too, like a small, focused museum because I find after a few pictures by the same artist I begin to loose focus. Gee, I must be a geek too because I love things like the circle in the sidewalk. Great shot. :)

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