This week’s Photo Friday’s challenge is “Fleeting”.   It seems a perfect time to showcase a project I’ve been working on:  a near-daily shot taken from my front porch for the last month.    Winter is fleeing fleetingly.   Spring is here.

You’ll notice some tropical looking plants appearing, then disappearing, as the slides progress.   These “houseplants” which take over my living room each year, made an early departure for the porch.  A predicted frost brought them back into the house, but they’ve been kicked outside again.

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About Anne Camille

I bought my first SLR camera (a Yashica TL-ELECTRO) when I was 17 and imagined I would become a great photographer. My love of photography, unfortunately, was thwarted by a photo-journalism class (the first "C" in college, but not the last!) as well as several packages of accidentally exposed photo paper and the high cost of film on a student budget. An unexpected gift of a Canon Rebel xSI four years ago reawakened those old, dormant dreams. A bit wiser now, I knew that photog instructor was full of bs even if technically he was pretty good. I began snapping away and haven't looked back. Mostly, I shoot nature photography because flowers and rocks don't talk back at you when you pose them. I am a photographer, a reader, a writer, a thinker, a dreamer. Mostly you'll see the photographer here, but signs of the others shine through every now and again.
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6 Responses to Fleeting

  1. fgassette says:

    Wow! You have done a great job. What a great example of patience and commitment.


    • Anne Camille says:

      Required more memory than commitment. The shots were just a brief minute or two out of the day. But REMEMBERING to do so — that was the difficult part. :-)

  2. ChrisdMRF says:

    Cool, I really like this

    • Anne Camille says:

      Thanks, Chris. Every thing turned green much earlier here this year. Typically it would be all brown until nearly the end of March and not completely leafed out until 3rd week in April. Likely, by the end of next week, I will not be able to see the house across the street (which cannot be seen in this series of photos).

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